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Club Safeguarding Policy 2022     (Please highlight to view statement)

Junior Golf Newsletter
Edited by:
Kieran Kenny Junior Convenor
On behalf of the junior section of Castlerea Golf Club we welcome new and returning members for 2022. . The Junior Programme starts back on   Saturday morning April 9th and continues until September. Golf is a great learning and growing experience for juniors, an opportunity to socialise outdoors, make new friends, learn new golf skills and have plenty of fun. Overtime the child’s golfing ability improves and their first major target is to play on the course. Soon their enthusiasm for team competitions is a priority. On winning their first prize, they all aspire to become the next ‘Rory’ or ‘Leona’.
Our advanced junior group of over 20 boys and girls have a separate programme. Their objective is to reach an acceptable standard to attain a golfing handicap and start competing in adult competitions.
Over the last number of seasons, the Junior Committee has worked extremely hard to develop new and exciting initiatives for our junior members. The ultimate goal is to promote golf as a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by any age or any standard.
It is important that when on the golf course, you are safe and are following the course etiquette. As a junior section we have agreed the following:
 12 years+ is the minimum age for juniors playing on their own (Health & Safety concern).
 New junior members must reach a minimum standard set by the Junior Convenor before progressing to play unsupervised on the course.
 Playing on the course is encouraged Monday to Friday. Please take note that adult Club Competitions are held on Tuesday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
 Before playing you must book your time online. Your own name and partners name must be entered. Easiest way is using the BRS APP.
 Give way to adult members when playing. (This means if an adult is coming behind you simply pull into the side and wave them through).
 Parents should ensure that the course is open and available to play when dropping off children.
 Respect the course and facilities in the Club.
Playing on the course
The junior volunteers are all there to help you the juniors as best we can and ensure your experience at our Club is a positive one. In turn we ask that you uphold the rules of the club and always behave in a manner that you are proud of.
Kieran Kenny – Junior Convenor & Club Children’s Officer. Maureen Claffey – Designated Liaison Person
Junior Volunteers: Maureen Claffey, Maura Kelly, Valerie Rabbitt, Mamie Creaton, Elizabeth Devine, Nicola Devine, Paul Connaughton, Michael Doyle and Jimmy Joyce
Junior Committee and Volunteers
Visiting PGA Professional Philip Murphy
Philip delivers group coaching sessions to the juniors as part of our strategic programme. He is also available to provide individual lessons to juniors and other club members. Contact details: 086 8894232

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